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Let me guess...You started your business because you had a passion and a purpose inside you that was bigger than a cubical or even some corner office with a great view.


You wanted to have FREEDOM of time. No more haggling for days off during "peak" seasons and no more being afraid to call off sick at the risk of losing pay or worse, your job.


Maybe you just got fed up with not being paid your worth...those annual 10 cent raises weren't cutting it, huh?


Whatever your reason, you are a woman that is bold enough to walk in the uncertainty of entrepreneurship...You are a SUPERHERO!

The thing about superheroes, at some point in order to reach further success, they have to partner with a team of SIDEKICKS!


Imagine how the story would have gone if Frodo had no Samwise, Harry no Hermione, Luke Skywalker no Han Solo, or Batman no Robin? I know right, TRAGIC!


That's the POWER of a SIDEKICK!

When you work with us you get a team of Sidekicks!

Samara Stone

Stone Foundation &

Be Brand Confident

From the start, Madelaine was able to get a solid understanding of my brand and create content completely in line with my vision. Without much direction, she hit the ground running and is steady and consistent in making things happen. She has great ideas, is accessible and I can feel her focus on helping me succeed!!






At the end of the day, it's all about the HERO. SIDEKICKS don't care about spotlight and accolades, we live to work our magic, behind the scenes. as we support the LEGACY of the HERO. I am able to passionately operate in my gifts and talents in a supportive role. I believe a SIDEKICK is such an invaluable role in the success of a business owner.

When you partner with Super Sidekick Services, you get a team of talented people, working in the background supporting you and your business!


After experiencing 2 evictions in 2 years and on the cusp of a 3rd, I started my business Super Sidekick Services in the Fall of  2017. I grew my business very quickly...going from fully booked, to overbooked, to hiring a team within months. 

In addition to helping my 1 on 1 clients gain the visibility they desire, I also teach working moms how to start a profitable virtual assistant business while keeping their day jobs with my signature program Cubicle To Side Hustle Academy.

I currently reside in St. Louis MO. with my 3 children ages 8, 18, and 20. When I'm not in Sidekick mode, I'm a total unapologetic NERD. You can find me in silence reading the Outlander books or watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, or The Walking Dead. I watch Christmas movies all year long and I love old school musicals like Singin' In The Rain, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and the King and I.